Testing Technology

Testing Technology

We develop small and medium-sized mechanical testing solutions for you. In addition, we provide you with intelligent test object integrations for the operation of newly specified series components and prototypes on existing test benches in the areas of powertrain and drive train as well as for other mechanical applications.

In addition, we equip you with measuring technology to analyze your workpieces, manufacturing processes and raw materials.

For specific test tasks, we build a test bench for you that will provide you with the results you need for service life and operational stability.

We provide you with development services, design and calculation, manufacturing, assembly and commissioning, service and training.


Do you wonder how to test your product utilizing the existing test bench?

We will ensure that the test specimen feel “comfortable” in your test bench. In this case, we talk about the mechanical connection, the supply by the necessary media as well as the electronic control and communication with the test bench.

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Would you like to know whether your product facilitates all its features?

In order to receive the most important data about your product, we will provide you with the right test bench for your application.

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