DUT Integration

DUT Integration


Due to the constant progress in development, existing test stands must always be kept up to date. In order to avoid having to develop a new test bench for every development progress, we provide you with adaptations, on the one hand to integrate new test objects on existing test benches, on the other hand to test current test objects on new test stands. This approach not only saves time, but also costs.

We ensure that our adaptations are analyzed with regards to the statics and natural frequencies.


During tests in the field, the newly developed components are tested under real and more stringent conditions. Thus they provide information on the wear behavior of the components (endurance test) and the interaction of real forces on the component (fatigue strength test)… More


Most of the engine test stands for combustion engines and electric axles are equipped with a pallet system. With the help of various mechanical adaptations, different engine variants can be run on the same test stands on the trolley (mobile pallet system). Our pallet system is available both in the fully automated version as a trolley, and also as a permanently installed mounting frame.


In order to be able to operate an internal combustion engine or an electrified axle on a pallet system in a test bench, all connections must be connected first.

We make sure that your test item is supplied with all the necessary media such as air, water, fuel and electronic signals. We use original components from the vehicle, modify them for connection to the pallet system / test bench or design and manufacture new lines or pipes with individual coupling systems.


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