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We are a young company with technically motivated employees. We work towards one goal: ensuring a meaningful connection between a technical product and its test requirements in a(n) individual (specific) work environment.

Testing Technology

Not sure how to conduct your next product test?

We support you competently in your test tasks and testing technology and accompany you from the conceptual phase through development to the construction and assembly of test stands and test benches. With our proven process, we succeed in finding an individual solution for your test requirements and in making optimal use of the existing test room and technology.

DUT Integration

The product that needs to be tested is optimally integrated into your test bench and supplied with media.

Test Bench Operation

Testing of components on our own drive train test benches.

Test Benches

Our technology will help you to find out what your product can facilitate.

For information on our testing technology Sebastian Dressel


Additive Manufacturing

BRIGHT Testing is your competent partner for the design and development of additively manufactured components. With our experience in the field, you can exploit the full potential of additive manufacturing in order to be one step ahead of your competition. We have gained and developed a broad knowledge of additive manufacturing and can offer you a well-founded, independent evaluation of your previous products.

For information on additive manufacturing Leonardo Scardigno


Assembly Technology

The new business division of ​​BRIGHT Testing is “Assembly Technology.” With this new service, we offer self-developed products from the concept to the finished component. Our assembly technology includes equipment, handling systems, frames made of aluminum profiles and components for machines.

Frames & Appliances made of aluminum profile

Aluminum profile combines the required properties of mechanical engineering; Lightweight construction and flexibility to name just two.

Mechanical Production

In the field of mechanical production, the concepts and results of the design are implemented. We can help you with all conventional processes, materials and surface treatments.

Operating Resources

In the field of operating resources, we facilitate or simplify processes in assembly, production, quality assurance and many other areas.

For information on assembly technology Marvin Kühne


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