Assembly Technology


The new business area of ​​Bright Testing is assembly technology.
We offer you the complete solution, from the concept to the finished product. All from a single source.
Assembly technology includes equipment, frames made of aluminum profile and contract manufacturing

Gestelle aus Aluminiumprofil

Frames made of aluminum profile

We design and manufacture workstations, shelves, fixtures, and much more.

We use the aluminum profile of your choice. We supplement the solutions tailored for you with CNC manufactured parts as required.

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Mechanical Production

Procurement of machine components manufactured in the most modern machining centers.

All common manufacturing and processing methods such as welding, CNC milling, CNC turning, grinding, drilling, reaming, eroding.

All conventional materials such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum, various plastics.

All proven surface treatments such as burnishing, galvanizing, nickel-plating, painting, powder coating.

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Mechanische Fertigung


Bright Testing offers all types of equipment such as gauges, assembly aids, calibration masters, handling devices and special tools from one source;

From the concept to construction and development to the finished product.

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