BRIGHT TESTING: Pioneering Work in the REASSERT Project – Giving Electric Motors a Second Life

Böblingen | January 17, 2024 – In a time when electrification of the drivetrain is advancing relentlessly, and electric motors contain valuable resources such as electric steel, copper, and rare earth elements, BRIGHT Testing GmbH takes a pioneering role. The mission is to utilize these resources through innovative value preservation strategies, thus making a significant contribution to achieving medium-term CO2 goals. As a proud member of the REASSERT consortium led by Schaeffler, BRIGHT Testing is passionately committed to the project, which aims to repair, refurbish, and provide a second phase of use for electric motors.

The consortium to which BRIGHT Testing belongs also includes renowned partners such as the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology and Automation IPA, the wbk Institute for Production Technology at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, iFAKT GmbH, and Riebesam GmbH & Co. KG. Together, they are focusing on innovative value preservation strategies at REASSERT, including Repair, Reuse, and Remanufacture. These strategies aim to reduce the consumption of natural resources and minimize waste quantities.

Under the term “Repair,” the project partners refer to the replacement of defective components and assemblies. “Reuse” stands for the reuse of the entire electric motor in another usage phase. The “Remanufacture” strategy involves refurbishing electric motors to meet the quality standards of a new part with a full warranty. If the condition of the electric motor makes it impossible to apply these three strategies, recycling remains a viable option.

Within the project, BRIGHT will design the incoming and outgoing inspections and develop and manufacture the necessary testing technology. The knowledge gained is intended to contribute to the development of an electric motor that seamlessly integrates into the circular economy.

Especially for independent workshops, the refurbishment of electric motors poses a significant challenge due to their complexity and technical requirements. The REASSERT consortium, including BRIGHT Testing, is actively working on a solution for refurbishing electric motors for further use in the spare parts market. This initiative not only offers ecological benefits but also provides financial advantages for vehicle owners, as it eliminates the need for exchanging the motor with a new unit.

As a proud member of the consortium driving the REASSERT project, BRIGHT Testing is committed to sustainable solutions in electromobility.

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