Not just one night in Bangkok

“We don’t dream aboutsuccess, we work for it”. Bright Testing is all about our customers’ success and achieving our goals. With this in mind, we have embarked on a great and adventurous journey. Our destination: Bangkok. Our mission: To install a test bench so that our customer can bring vehicles to market. A business trip abroad is always a bit exciting, but in times of Corona this trip was even more adventurous than usual. From obtaining a work visa to additional checks at the airport and a 14-day quarantine; this trip was anything but routine. Together as a team we started this trip, together we mastered the challenges, and together we also successfully carried out this project!

And besides work, we also had the opportunity to discover the wonderful culture of Thailand and to get to know the culinary side of Bangkok.

What exactly did we do in Thailand now? In our “Test Benches” division, we work for customers at home and abroad who, for example, manufacture internal combustion engines for cars. These motors have to be checked for functionality after the mostly manual assembly. This usually takes place in our test benches. The combustion engine is fired here and braked by an electric motor (dyno) in order to load it, analogous to an engine in the vehicle.

We supply everything to equip the motor on a trolley (mobile pallet system) outside of the test bench (preparation for the test run with all connections for mechanical fastening as well as water, fuel, air and electrical supply). Each motor type is equipped individually.

In addition, the test cell with the shaft connection to the dyno and the exhaust system is always kept up to date.

The development and construction of all parts of BRIGHT takes place in the office in Sindelfingen. For this, some technical coordination rounds are necessary, which usually take place online with our customers, who are spread all over the world, on a weekly basis.

Before the goods are shipped (internationally), pre-assembly takes place in our workshop. Afterwards the customer gives us the release for dispatch. The transport as well as the entire project handling are carried out by us.

The construction on site at our customers takes place by our employees, who were mostly involved in the project during the construction phase. After developing and designing the parts, we traveled to Thailand to install our equipment on site.

At the end of the trip we were proud of our success! Now we are back in Sindelfingen and working on our next challenges.