From the racing simulator to the racing car | Bright Testing is a proud sponsor of Edwin Waldhier

We are not only enthusiastic about technology, we are also passionate fans of motorsport! That is why we are particularly proud to support Eddy Waldhier in racing. As a sponsor of the new racing superstar, we are now on the racetrack too!

At the third and last race weekend of the PSCCE at the Autodrom Most in September, the expected showdown in the championship race took place. Our Edwin “Eddy” Waldhier (Junior Team Germany) kept the coolest head in this thriller. The 26-year-old from Sindelfingen (DEU) secured victory in the second sprint race with an impressive performance and was able to intercept opponent Sascha Halek (AUT, PZWNRacing) in the title duel. For Waldhier it is the greatest success of his short racing career. It was only shortly before the start of the season that he prevailed against thousands of other applicants in the “Super Racer” casting and thus got a cockpit at Lechner Racing in the PSCCE. The switch from the racing simulator to the racing car is now crowned by the championship title. We are very proud of our Eddy, who is currently preparing for another race in Bahrain.

The competition wasn’t short of challenging forWaldhier, not even at the finals: Halek tested the limits of driving physics and road surface several times in Most, but third place was not enough for the overall victory. Edwin Waldhier (overall winner Porsche Sprint Challenge Central Europe 2020): “Because I narrowly missed the ‘Pole’, I was really down. My family then built me ​​up. In the race I had a déjà vu, like in Salzburg I fell back to 3rd place at the start, also behind Halek. I countered and even drove to victory. 115 days ago I wasn’t a racing driver, now I’m a champion – unbelievable! “

Robert Lechner (Sporting Director PSCCE): “We experienced an exciting and fair final weekend without safety car interruptions. It makes us proud, of course, that the new champion Eddy Waldhier is a discovery by Lechner Racing and that he was able to implement the trust placed in him so successfully. “